Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Accept Challenges

From the very beginning of my cycling career I have showed extreme talent when I climb up on top of two wheels, a frame, fork, and some components. When you combine my natural gift to shred a bike & the bike itself, amazing things will happen. And amazing things have happened in my cycling career. That is why I accept challenges and will not sleep or rest until I face the fight full on. I am sort of like a cage fighter. If there was a UFC or WEC for cycling I would be practicing my trade on two wheels in a cage by ripping the legs off my opponents and going for the knockout against my challengers.

When fellow GT Dirt Coalition Team rider Keith DeFiebre challenged me to a Cross race in Santa Rosa. You can only imagine how things would go off with pure explosion on course between us. It would be Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Bar Room Brawl action all going down during the race. And I would probably throw in a illegal, unanticipated back kick to the neck for good measure....

I do not back down to nobody, and I accept all challenges. So bring on more challenges! And if you want to know what happened between me and DeFiebre in Santa Rosa??? Just remember I accept all challenges and do not back down to no body, enough said..........

Sunday, December 6, 2009

What I DO?- Is I Race!

You might ask what is it I do? I race! It is what my DNA is designed for. Call me a biological freak of nature who was born with a bike helmet on his head ready to race. If I hear the track is bumpy, do I panic and fear racing on a hard circuit?? Hell No! I get more fired up and I show up and make the other racers- put up or shut up! I like bumpy Cross courses! I like challenges and if I say I am going to do a race, you better believe you will find me on the start line no matter how bumpy the course is. Racing is what I do! I have no fear and when the going gets tough I get going!

Let's face it........ when it gets more technical in Cross races I shine. I want more bumps, drops, cliffs, and canyons to traverse. I am the real deal when it comes to riding the Cross bike.....
Let's face it......... I can not "bunny hop" like my GT Dirt Coalition team mate Keith DeFiebre. Call me a wuss, call me whatever you want but I just do not have that move in my bag of tricks. DeFiebre meanwhile is getting huge air while hopping over the boards. Me, I am content to dismount and run like a girl over the boards. I am fine with this......
Toro Park was my best Cross race of the year. I made mad moves on course and found my legs when it mattered most. In the end I finished strong and best of all I finished ahead of my GT D.C. team mate Keith DeFiebre for the first time ever in a Cyclocross race. Bring on any bumpy courses- if I hear of any bumpy courses I will make a special trip to that race! I like demanding courses and the more bumpy the better......
Toro Park in Salinas is where I excel and they all fail.......
Even in the heat of the race action, I will throw a wave to the fans. This is how I roll.......

Friday, November 20, 2009

Cyclocross GT Dirt Coalition Style

I have been stepping up and racing Cyclocross GT Dirt Coalition style. Ripping off fast starts, using my running ability, and keeping the pedals turning is key to my productive races this Cyclocross season.
This time of year is sort of harvest time for myself. I reap the rewards of all my hard work during the year. My training, my constant riding of the GT Zaskar, my dedication to sport, all pay off when I do the Cyclocross races. I am a man possessed and I ride to succeed....
Santa Rosa was my first race of the Cross season....
I had fun but did get beat down by my GT Dirt Coalition team mate Keith DeFiebre....
Cyclocross racing is some of the best action of the year for me....
After the Santa Rosa race I will take to course in Monterey at the CCCX Cross Series.....
If I relax my lower lip and keep my jaw loose and hold my focus when the going gets tough, I think I can maybe beat my GT Dirt Coalition team mate Keith DeFiebre for the first time ever at a Cross race. Plus the guy has a broken rib so if I can not beat him next race I may never take down the champ! The key will be to relax my lower lip and keep my jaw relaxed when I am suffering....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1st Overall Expert 40+ Folsom Cyclebration MTB Stage Race

It was awesome to be back in action at the Folsom Cyclebration MTB Stage Race. It was even better to ride my GT ZASKAR the the overall win in my division!

Thanks to GT for the support and allowing me to chase my dreams out on the trails. The courses in each stage were super fun to race on. There were so many twists and turns and ups and downs on the trails, it was some of the best riding I have ever done!

I knew I was on some form when I nearly broke the course record for the opening Time Trial. I am a prologue specialist and all my skill and mental strength came into play while taking 1st Place in my division in the opening stage.
I backed the Time Trial win up with a sprint victory over the local fast man in the XC race. It came down to a 2 man shoot out for the win and the GT ZASKAR did not let me down when it came time to hit out for the win in the last 200 meters of a tight battle on course.
My coaches advice of...."it is not over- tell it is over" came into play on the final stage- the Short Track race. I over-came a small set back during the race, and hung on to win the overall Cyclebration Stage Race crown.

My GT ZASKAR worked perfect during 3 days of racing. I am so stoked to represent the GT Dirt Coalition with a overall win! All of my hard work payed off and I am looking forward to more races, and to keep improving my strength and fitness. Thanks GT for all your help in this success!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Running Race

I have never lost a running race in my region, and the streak continued this past weekend....
When I run it hot I morph into the Cheetah, the fastest animal on the planet. At times I am the Cheetah when it really gets going in my local races....

This past weekend I won our local Running Race here in town near my Estate property. My fitness is really coming around and even if I have been focusing more on Cycling then Running, I was happy to produce the winning run in the race!

I have never lost a running event in this region and I do not plan on letting this streak go down easily.

I produced a pace of 5:49 for each mile, with my overall time at 18:04 into a steady head wind. I was gunning for a respectable time near 17:00 for the 5K.

One thing for sure is I can run it hot......... White Hot if I have to........... And when I throw it down on the other locals in these running events I have to run it HOT!

Monday, August 17, 2009


I have been waiting so very long to witness a California Mountain Lion in the wild, and it finally happened!! The California Mountain Lion is the undisputed king of our forests, and my dream to view one up close finally came true.

I was on a road bike ride with my friend Kestrel in the mountains of my rural Mendocino county town. We were on a gentle downhill when suddenly at about 150 feet in front of us the giant cat jumped out into the center of the road. Kestrel kept riding toward it as if there was no reason to alter our course. Maybe he was not thinking this creature in front of us can kill us both!

My keen sense and eye sight knew instantly it was the deadly California Mountain Lion I had been waiting to contact. I was like, "here we go.....here we go!". The Puma looked over, made eye contact, and then pounced up the embankment in a single leap displaying its raw power, A big roost of dirt was shot up in the air from its 3 inch claws ripping at the dirt.

Kestrel looked back at me and said "deer..huh?" I shot back, "what?' I could have slapped him for clearly missing the rare, elusive cat I have been tracking for most of my lifetime.

I feel much more complete as a human, and a true outdoors-man after such a long time wanting to fill my vision with this wonderful cat and having it finally go down for real.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Napa X-Country Racing

Lots of action went down in this popular Californian Epic event! The weather was scorching hot and so was the competition.

I put in a big effort in this race and was running in the top 3 range in the 35+ Expert division, only to come unglued in the last mile. Yes the last mile of the 30 mile course. Two riders passed me in that last mile and I went from 4th to 6th place in the end, one spot off the podium. Those passes hurt, especially when those two riders finished 5 seconds and 20 seconds in front of me on the finish line. However it was very promising to be finding my form with many more races still to come on the 2009 calender. My division had this year's National MTB Champion in the group, as well as many other notable Nor-Cal top guns, and I was running up front for most of the 30 mile test. My best is still to come!!

I set up my GT Dirt Coalition tent next to Chris Horton from Sacramento. We doubled up the tents and gave GT a great impact for the masses of MTB enthusiasts who were on hand for the event. Chris represented the GT Dirt Coalition well with a 1st place in the Sport division. Congratulations to Chris on his fine ride! Also, it was cool to hang out with a team mate after the race and throw down some beer and share stories about the day.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

It Is On This Weekend~

My white helmet matches my white legs perfectly. Good thing the GT Dirt Coalition Team kit has some white too, now I am ready to roll....

I will be going into action this weekend at the Howell Mtn Challenge MTB event. This Cross Country race is 30 miles of shredding single & double track trails, and all kinds of climbing and desending. My GT is up to the test and the bike just looks at me as if begging to be put to use. Am I on drugs...?? or is my sweet GT Carbon Zaskar gazing at me and talking to me-- telling me to get off my butt and on top of the saddle for some hard core racing~

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Race Ready

Here I am on the start loop of my last race. I rode very patiently during the promenade loop, and then pulled a vicious attack on the first hill-climb section.....

I am riding full steam and head on into the thick of the race season. It just keeps getting better and better for me and my GT. At the previous event I competed in the announcer took a liking to my Carbon Marathon ride, and he went off on countless rants about how sweet the bike is and how cool GT is for putting together the Dirt Coalition team. This led to a pretty large crowd gathering around my team tent after the race to check out the GT Carbon Marathon for themselves. That announcer did a fine job in breaking down the truth about my dream ride Carbon Marathon.

Now it is time for me to go on a ride......

I must say that being a part of the GT Dirt Coalition team has kept me super motivated to race and keep my legs firing on all cylinders. My workouts have been solid and I am ready to race.

Next up for me is a very popular race in Napa. This event is one of the more epic races in Nor-Cal, and I will be there on the start line ready to throw down.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


The GT Dirt Coalition burn crew putting some pain to the legs....

My riding has been going off, in a positive way, now that I have some free time away from work for the summer. It has been XC riding on the Zaskar on trails that grind up to 7000 ft elevation. Other rides have been on the Road bike, where my legs are coming back to life. I have events lined up this month and next and I hope to keep on steppin' it up!

And of the course the BMX action is still firing on full force for me. It seems my BMX speed keeps rising the more I train on the Zaskar in the dirt.

The weather is so sweet in my neck of the woods now. Perfect temperature to train early and then in the afternoon when the heat is on I go jump in my river behind my Estate.

Thanks to GT and the Dirt Coalition for the Zaskar~ Each day now my riding is dream-like and I am so thankful to be living the dream~

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Heat

It was a sweet feeling to cross the finish line- then go straight to the Keg and suck on some fine Ale......
I took the "hole shot" on the group and led my GT Dirt Coalition team mate Keith DeFiebre for 1/2 a mile of pavement into a head wind and then on to the single track....

The GT Marathon is RAD! This bike is Awesome!!!

Summer is here and the heat is on! GT Dirt Coalition was firing off some rounds last weekend at the Central Cyclocross X-C series Final. There was a large turnout for this very popular Central Cal mtb series. Keith Defiebre and I were representing G.T. D.C. extra proud with photographers flown in from WA. to snap some shots for the 2010 GT catalog. Our plan was to "hole shot" the Expert field from the pavement roll out out onto the opening dirt section. We did just that! The real battle at that point was between long-time friend Keith and I for the coveted lead position, as that may be the shot they use for the cover! You never know...

As the 'shoot' was for next years catalog, naturally we had to be on 2010 equipment. I was on the fully X.T.R. equipped Marathon and Keith on the new Zaskar. These bikes garnered tons of attention and conversation. After all, they have never seen before. Interestingly, I began to miss my personal bike (2009 Zaskar) before the weekend was through..

Keith placed 3rd just behind former Olympian and National Cyclocross Champ Don Myrah, while I cooked my jets a little too hot going for that "hole shot" and brought her home a bit off the pace.

It was definitely a good weekend. Spoke to a lot of people interested in the bikes and I'm sure that GT was well represented. As I'm a heat specialist, I look forward to the steep, tail wind, goat trails to come this summer. Yeah, they hurt but I never give in!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's On

I have been firing out the workouts and feeling strong during all of my training and racing.
This past weekend in Fresno, at a US National BMX event, I faced up to the best competition possible. Strong, skilled, and smooth riding competitors from all over were lined up against me in the gate. The level of talent in the gate was quite possibly the best I have ever faced. Fighting for hole-shots, and battling for track lines against the best riders will only help me in my comeback to racing.

I have the CCCX XC race coming up next Saturday, and the P.G. Butterfly Crit. on Sunday.

It is on for some racing and I am more then ready to have at it!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Training Hard

This is where I call home. My property here allows me to train in stellar conditions and enjoy the finer things in life- like a great ride and good vibes from my region.....

It has been very rewarding to spend much of my time training hard and enjoying my rides on the GT Zaskar. My form and strength are definitely coming around. This past weekend I did BMX races at 2 tracks and posted heat wins both days. My starts are improving and it is great to take on some of the young guns on the BMX track. My long rides on the Zaskar have been fantastic. Each time I do multiple hours on my new team bike I get more fired up to get on the start line for my next XC race.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sea Otter Classic

GT Dirt Coalition team mates after the Super D win! Keith DeFiebre is a legend and I am lucky just to be standing next to the man, I was also lucky to be able to act as his support rider in claiming the Super D title for the GT Dirt Coalition team....
I posted up doing some security on the famous Sea Otter Classic dual slalom. Someone had to keep the camera men in check so I set up shop in the third berm area and ran the show.....

The Sea Otter Classic has always been special to me and this year was the best ever! I was born and raised in Monterey so this event has everything for me. Friends, Family, great weather and some good racing action!! My good friend and Sea Otter Dual-Slalom course designer, Keith Defiebre had me all VIP'ed every which way. GT had me feeling like a part of the family and it was great to meet the folks that have made my Dirt Coalition dreams come true.

Racing Action: In the Super-D, GT Dirt Coalition team mate Keith Defiebre and I had a plan to use road racing tactics to get Keith 2 wins in as many years. We carried out the strategy to perfection and Keith won the race in the largest amount of time of any category. Victory IS sweet!
X-Country action was long and hot. I surprised myself by getting 8th place in the grueling 38 mile event as I had an injury and then illness that took me off the bike for a full 3 weeks leading up to the race. I'm optimistic about rocking the GT Zaskar to some BIG finishes in 2009!!

I'm now healthy again, have a big race in my legs, got a taste of the racing action and believe me, IT'S ON!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fire Power!

I jump with pure style, it comes out naturally when I am flying through the air....
This picture is no illusion~ I am completely sideways getting down & dirty in a berm on my workout course. I have so much crazy turning ability it makes me laugh sometimes.....

Putting the power to the ground here. I have a TT course on my Estate and it is filled with berms and jumps and power sections where I can throw down the gauntlet during my brutal workouts....
This is the first turn on the start of my TT course. When I go full force into this section I know it is time to dig deep and charge the track. I try to do my solo workouts so hard and fast paced that real racing against others seems easy.....
I am back from my illness and starting to fire off the workouts and rides! The sensations are good in my legs and I can feel my desire inside starting to burn strong again~ I can feel my power increasing during each of my rides on the ZASKAR.
Next stop..the Sea Otter Classic.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Climate Controlled

I keep my machines climate controlled.....

My first MTB race of the season is now on the horizon. It will be one of the biggest races in the USA, The Sea Otter Classic. This is where my new ride will make its competitive debut.

This past week has been has been difficult, as I have been battling cold and flu symptoms. But I seemed to have made a turn for the better and am starting to feel my energy level rise and get back to normal.

Now I will spend some quality time in the saddle and try and gear up for next weeks Sea Otter Classic.

It is going to be fun!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Going Off~

I have been hitting my favorite berm in front of my house full gas after my interval session on my jump track. This berm ripps and the faster I go the funner it gets....

All my training is really starting to pay off. I went completely off at the BMX track this past week. I pushed the area's top racer all the way to the line to almost pull off the most shocking upset in track history. This guy has never lost a moto at this place, and really has never been tested by anyone local because he is so fast.

On this night I was on form, snapped him out of the gate, and was side by side for the entire run. The guy just held me off on the line to claim overall and he was just about to puke from sprinting so hard against me! The track announcer was going crazy, and the crowd could not believe he was just about to be beat.

It seems I am the new legend of the track after my epic duel with the local undefeated head. During my interview with the track announcer after the main heat I spoke very strongly of GT Bicycles. I told the hundred or so spectators that GT Bicycles is for real! I recommended they track down the local GT dealer and have a look at the 2009 products.

Next stop is a busy weekend of action. My first XC race on the new GT ZASKAR. I am gearing up for some strong rides at the Sea Otter Classic and beyond...........

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh I See....

Its all coming together thanks to GT Bicycles and the GT Dirt Coalition. The Carbon ZASKAR, all the product information and company history info for Gt Bicycles, my GT Dirt Coalition racing kit and other clothing items, have all arrived and now it is time for me to get busy.

I am liking the new team kit.....
The carbon Zaskar built up on day one- the first ride was outstanding.....
I love this bike! The carbon layout, the components, the small touches from GT Bicycles that make me proud to represent their products.....
I want to thank the GT Dirt Coalition program!!!
This type of support and team environment takes my racing and riding to another level. My training has definitely picked up and I noticed another gear in my legs this past week when I was doing sprints on the BMX track. I also noticed my hill climbing power improving dramatically the past few weeks.
My strengths are going uphill, descending, and digging deep when it matters most. The GT carbon Zaskar will become an extension of my life.
I ride hard, I ride for fun, and most of all I ride for life!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Helping Hand~

I must give a huge thanks to GT for my "easy up" GT Dirt Coalition tent I received this week. Sure.... at first it was not so easy to put up, but after a little practice my GT Team tent putting up skills will soon match my nerf hoop skills.

Today was the first day of my Wednesday Bike ride/repair program I have going for under privileged youths in my area. This is the 3rd year of the ride/repair program. I lend a helping hand in repairing any kids bike for free to enable them to ride to school, or with friends simply having fun. I also teach the kids pack riding techniques and help out with coaching and mentoring. The program has been a big success locally, and I really like to help out those less fortunate then me.

Two times in the last week or so I have went out on some really fun Tandem Bike rides with my Sweetheart. She loves to go fast and I am more then obliged to give her the thrill of speed. One time we shot through a flowing river at full speed. It was an all or nothing move as we approached the stream crossing. I tired to get her prepared for the impact of bike versus river, but my girl seems to have no fear when put in these types of go for broke on the bike situations. We ripped across the river and I can only imagine that both of our smiles were equally as big after we cleared the obstacle and kept on going.

One of the cool things about my bike rides from home is I get to pass by the giant American Bison which are staged near my place. These animals have some serious power and always check on me as I ride by heading for the hills....

Getting back to racing always reminds me of going at it with my friend and ex-team mate Trent Klasna. Trent and I competed in many races together and trained a tremendous amount together. Now I am so stoked to be racing on the GT Carbon ZASKAR.

Trent went on to be the #1 ranked professional Road racer in America for two years. And I can remember each time I put the hurt on him on the bike!!! All the throw down sessions we had while racing and training will for sure help me when I am competing during 2009.

Here Klasna is leading a breakaway on the final lap or a USA Pro event in Pennsylvania....

Klasna winning the Redlands event after dropping the entire field made up of some of the USA's best Road racers......

My training is seriously coming together. Each ride I can feel my strength improving and my legs getting into form. The next few weeks are crucial to my development in my build up for the 2009 racing campaign. Plus I am so motivated to be getting the 2009 GT Carbon ZASKAR. This dream ride should be arriving very soon.

Thank you GT BICYCLES!